Shipping Policy

Herbal Remedy India’s shipping policy is to provide our customers efficient, dependable order delivery at reasonable prices. Our standard shipping fees cover our basic packing and shipping costs – without excessive handling fees or other charges. In addition, all orders over $150.00 are eligible for FREE Standard Airmail Shipping.

Shipping Methods.
1) Standard Airmail Shipping – Airmail Shipping could take between 10 to 14 days for the parcels to reach your doorstep. This method is the cheapest shipping method we have. This method does have any tracking system and hence it can be tracked where your parcels have reached.
2) USPS (US Postal Service Priority Mail). USPS can take between 4 to 7 days for the parcels to reach your doorstep. This is a little expensive but safe method. USPS provides you with the tracking system where you will provided with the tracking code and using that you can track where your parcels have reached during the shipment period/process as mentioned above.

FREE Standard Airmail Shipping. All orders above $150 are eligible for FREE Standard Airmail Shipping. All you have to do is just add any Herbal Products to your shopping cart and continue with checkout procedure, our system will calculate the shipping charges as per your order value. If your order value is above then our system will automatically add a FREE Airmail Shipping Option for your order. You can select the FREE Airmail Shipping option and proceed to make the payment.
You will also be provided with the USPS Shipping Option while you select the shipping option during your shopping process, this is to help you incase you need any Herbal Products quickly or using a Shipping Method which has a tracking option.

Shipping Charges. Shipping fees for orders under $150.00 are just $9.99 per order for Standard Airmail Shipping and $27.00 per order for USPS (US Postal Service Priority Mail).

Delivery Times. Typical delivery times are 4 to 7 days from the shipping date for most items using USPS Shipping Method and 10 to 14 days for Standard Airmail Shipping Method. We maintain a full inventory of products, and over 90% of our orders are shipped on the next business day. If your product request is back-ordered or we expect an unusual shipping delay, we will promptly notify you via email.

Order Status.  Please do not contact us about speeding up your order through customs, as we have no control over your local customs delays. Herbal Remedy India may be unable to ship to some international destinations due to local customs regulations. Please note that you, the Customer, are responsible for all shipping charges, taxes, duties or other customs fees assessed in the country of delivery. Check with your local customs regulations prior to ordering. If your order is refused by local customs and returned intact to Herbal Remedy India, we will refund your original order amount (less any shipping fees and a 15% restocking fee).

Other Information. Additional charges may be applied if the delivery address is incorrect, or if the package needs to be forwarded to a different location.

For questions about our shipping policy, or to inquire about your order, please email us at

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