Vasu Cocoa Butter Care Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion 200ml

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Vasu Cocoa Butter Care Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion 200 ml

Moisturization is one the most basic yet vital steps in the daily beauty routine. The skin needs to stay hydrated at all times in order to remain soft & healthy. Whether you have dry skin, normal, oily or sensitive skin, body moisturization is an absolute, must & should never be skipped.

Changing weather conditions leave dry skin patches around your face, hands and legs, which look very ugly. Now, end your struggle with dry skin and see it transform into soft and supple texture with Vasu Cocoa Butter Care Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion. Apart from Pure Cocoa Butter, this lotion contains Olive oil & Vitamin-E which makes it ultra-hydrating and instantly soothes chapped, itchy, flaky skin. Furthermore, its delightful fragrance will uplift your senses.

Soothes & Nourishes
Attracts and retains moisture
Leaves skin deeply hydrated
Imparts soft, velvety skin

KEY INGREDIENTS (With Properties)
1. Pure Cocoa Butter:
Cocoa butter is high in fatty acids, which has ability to hydrate and nourish the skin and improve elasticity. The fat in cocoa butter forms a protective barrier over skin to hold in moisture.

2. Olive Oil: Olive oil has many vitamins, including A, D, and K, as well as vitamin E. It also moisturizes and hydrates the skin. Having popular natural moisturizer, Olive oil often used to soften both skin and hair.

3. Vitamin E: Vitamin E makes the nerves stronger and helps in nourishing your skin from within. It helps to regenerate new skin cells and can lighten brown spots or scars found on the body.

Apply lotion all over face and body, avoiding eyes, and massage gently till fully absorbed. Use as and when required.

1. Know your skin! And no matter what your skin is like, hydration is key.
2. The simplest thing you can do to ensure that your skin is properly hydrated is drinking more water.
3. Healthy diet can help you look and feel your best. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.

Store away from sunlight, heat & moisture

1. Are Vasu Cocoa Butter Body Lotion tested on animals?
We do not test our products on animals. We believe products that are safe for humans can be developed with Cruelty free approach.

2. Does Vasu Cocoa Butter Body Lotion contain Parabens?
No. Vasu Cocoa Butter Body Lotion does not contain Parabens.

3. Do any of your products contain alcohol?
No alcohol is used in Vasu’s skincare products.

4. Is this Vasu Cocoa Butter Body Lotion suitable for all skin types?
Yes. Vasu Cocoa Butter Body Lotion can be used on any skin type. It is dermatologically tested for safety on human and found to be non-irritant.

5. Why should I apply moisturizer daily?
Our skin is subject to different influences every day – it dries out fast after showering and environmental influences place a strain on it. Therefore, it’s important that you moisturize your skin.

6. I have sensitive skin; can i use your products?
Our best advice is to do a patch test first. However, our product is free from Parabens, Animal derivatives, Formaldehyde & Colour, most of the people don’t have any issue of sensitivity.

7. I have a nut allergy. Can i use based body care products?
We advise safety first. It is best to always check with your dermatologist before using if you have allergy of any ingredients.

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