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True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic to Delay Hair Greying

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True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic to Delay Hair Greying 150ML

Just Noticed your first Grey Hair?
Melanin is a natural pigment in the hair roots that gives hair its dark colour. Depletion of this pigment resilts in greys.

What Causes Greying?
Greying is caused due to depleting Melanin levels in your hair roots

What Delays Greying?
Increase in melanin levels in the hair roots delays greying.

Hair Greying and its cause:
Greying of hair is caused due to depletion of melanin at the hair root. Melanin – a pigment gives hair its natural color. Hair loses is natural color when the melanin level at the hair root decreases.

Greying keeps aggravating as the hair keeps on lasing melanin at the hair rooth and this is a progressive phenomenon.

Melanin Regneration : Possible in early state of greying

Once the 1st grey hair come, it continues aggravating further as melanin continues decreasing at the hair root. However, in the early stage of greying. Melanin can be regenerated at the hari root and further greying can be delayed.

Greying hair process > Greying hair process> Greying hair process> Reversible process

Rversible process (Hair With normal pigment content) < Reversible Process (Grey hair with low pigment content) < Reversible process (White hair with very low pigment content) < Irreversible Process (White hair with no pigment content)

Science of Hair Colour : Melanin is prduced in a cell in the hari rooth called melanocyte. Form Melanocyte, Melanin is trasported to upper part of hari root and then finaly transferred th te hair shaft, therby giving hari its natural color.

True Roots Anti-Greying Technology :
True roots is made iwht botanica actives and apigenin, a bio-active extrct of chamomile flowers, that helps in increasing melanin at the hair root. Its powerful unique formulation has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant powers that increase melanin levels in the hari roots.

100% botanical
Aqua base with Unique delivery system
Naturally Increases Melanin

True roots: Clinical Study
Unique formulation with patent pending technology
dermatologist tested and clinically proven

Clinical Trial Process Details:
Conducted in the year 2017
Male and female (18-45 years) with early greying participated
6-month clinical study conducted by an independent clinical research organization under the supervision of a dermatologist.
Topical application of products on scalp once daily.

True Roots: Clinical Sturdy Result
Progressive Changes over 90 days
0-30 Days : Melanin Pigment promoters increases by Day 15 in hiar roots with daily usage.
30-60 Days: Over 90% of people perceived visible reductive in rate of greying
60-90 Days: Clinical proven to show no new grey hair in 90 days*

Easy and convenient To Use:
Step 1: Spray adequately all over the scalp or palm
Step 2: Massage on the scalp for 1-2 minutes for it to get absorbed in the hari roots.
Step 3: Leave in No need to wash off.
Step 4: Continue everyday usage even after greying slows down

How Much should i use?

True Roots need to be applied uniformly on your scalp. You can either spray it dirctly on your scalp or spray it on your palm and then spread it all over your scalp. You must ensure that the product is used adequately for best resuts.
You can use apporx 8-10 sprays till the products is uniformly distributed all over the scalp.

When should I ideally use it?
You can use the products at any time of the day and leave it on for the rest of the day.

I have very few strands of grey hair. should i use this?
Appearance of the first grey hair is an indication that the nautral melanin level in your hair roots is decreasing. When you use True Roots, it will begin to restore the melanin levels in your hair and disciplined application will ensure that the melanin doesn’t deplete further and lead to more greys.

Why does it take so long to work?
True Roots works towards melanin regeneration in your hair roots. For the porducts to demonstrate no new greys, it taks 90 days.

What happens if you don’t use it every day?
True Roots restores the melanin levels in your hair roots. To ensure that there are no new greys. You need to use this product for 90 days with 90 disciplined applications.
Irregular use of this products will delay effectiveness and product benefits.

Are there any side effects? What if i use more than needed?
True Roots in clinically tested and dermatologically approved. There are no side effects of this products. In Fact, it is made of serveral botanical ingredients along with apigenin and it help in hair root revitalization.

Is it suitable for all scalp/hair types?
True Roots works on the root of the hair to help in melanin regeneration. It is loaded with natural ingredients which makes it suitable for all hair and scalp types.

What is the meaning of ‘no new greys’?
True Roots regenearates melanin in your hair roots and ensures that there are no new greys on day 90. This implies that when yu examine your scalp on day 90. you won’t find the growth of any new grey hair.

Can men use it?
Yes. True Roots is a gender neutral product; it has been clinically tested on human subjects across genders and can bve used by anyone in ther early statges of greying.

Is it 90 days or 90 applications?
It is 90 days with 90 disciplined applications.

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