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Patanjali Herbal Power Vita

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Buy Patanjali Herbal Power Vita for Ashwagandha has great benefits in stress, fatigue, and in general weakness


Patanjali Herbal Power Vita 200Gm
Patanjali Powervita is a powerful herbal health & Brain Tonic for both Children and adults. It contains essential vitamin & minerals needed for good health.

Ashwagandha has great benefits in stress, fatigue, and in general weakness. It provides strength to the body.
Shatavari promote health energy level and boost immunity.
Shankhpushpi & Brahmi good ayurvedic remedy for memory and brain.
It removes the general weakness and strengthen the body internally
Make you immune system stronger.
Health & Brain Tonic.
Apart form the above mentioned benefits its also contains Contains essentials vitamins and minerals needed for a good health. Vitamin B12, vitamin D2 and many more vitamins and minerals to provide you a perfect health and immunity.

Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, Soya, Gram, Coco powder, Guar gum, Sugar, Milk, Samudri lavan, Sajjkhar, Moti pisti, Praval pishti, Liquid malt, Gms, Mdp, Ev powder, Chocolate, Chocolate b

How to use
Add 2 teaspoonfuls (15-20 gms approx) of Patanjali herbal power vita granules to a cup of hot or cold milk and add sugar to taste. Include 2 serving of Patnajali herbal power vita as part of your balanced diet.


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