Aryanveda Tea Tree Body Wash

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Aryanveda Tea Tree Body Wash 120Ml
Aryanveda Tea Tree Face Wash is considered one of the most effective ways to treat acne, not just on the face, but on the back, arms and chest as well.
USP:Anti microbial, Anti acne.
Ideal For:
All Ages.
Skin type:
Suitable for all skin types.
Ingredient Type:
Ideal Usage:
All Day
Ingredient Type:
Face Wash Type:
Applied For:
Anti-acne & Pimples
Buy & Know about Benefits of Best Tea Tree face wash
Aryanveda Tea Tree Face Wash is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial to protect your skin against acne. Cleansing agents in Aryanveda Tea Tree Face Wash unclog skin pores & its antibacterial properties remove acne-causing bacteria from the skin. It further balances oil content in the skin.
How to Use
Apply thoroughly all over the wet face & massage in circular motion till lather is formed and milli capsules are crushed. Rinse with clear water. For best results follow it with Aryanveda Moisturizer (as per your skin type).
Result :
Skin recovers its natural radian and feels fresh.Recommendation:Should be used every morning and evening. For best results use Aryanveda Moisturizer (as per your skin type), after washing your face with Aryanveda Face Wash.
Benefit :
Nourishes the skin while cleansing it.
Tea tree
Tea tree oil is not harsh and doesn’t cause excessive dryness, peeling of the skin or any redness. It will leave you with glowing, flawless skin. Tea tree oil is considered one of the most effective ways to treat acne.
Thyme possesses amazing anti-bacterial properties. It is effective in fighting the bacteria that causes skin acne. Thyme is often incorporated as an ingredient in acne creams and face washes
Mint is rich in salicylic acid – used in the treatment of chronic and persistent acne. Mint’s anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent ingredient in the treatment of everything from cuts, wounds and mosquito bites to dry and itchy skin.
Basil has anti-aging properties. It restores your skin’s lost glow by detoxifying it. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help treat acne. Basil can have great benefits for your face. You just need to rub finely powdered dry basil leaves on your face.


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