Aryanveda Silver Skin Healing Kit

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Aryanveda Silver Skin Healing Kit 510Gm
penetrates deep into skin and takes out skin impurities while preparing the skin for further skin treatment. The natural goodness of silver gently massages the skin and surfaces a beautiful skin. Grab attention with your silvery shine.
Grab attention with your silvery shine. Aryanveda Silver Kit gives a holistic care to your skin. Presence of silver particles, jojoba, aloevera and Nano technology gives a complete makeover to your personality. It heals the damages caused to skin by environmental factors, hormone imbalance and other skin impurities. It cleanses the skin, provides health supplements, tones up the skin texture and brightens up your skin.
USP : Glow facial for dark complexion and oily to combination skin.
Skin Types: Normal to Oily Skin
Age : All ages.
Duration: 1 hour
Products Required:
Eye & Lip Make-up Remover/Cleansing Milk
Cleanser – Silver Cleanser Cream
Scrub – Silver Scrub
Gel – Silver Gel
Massage Cream – Silver Massage Cream
Mask – Silver Mask
Protection Serum – Silver Serum
Benefits: It heals the damages caused to skin by environmental factors & other skin impurities. It cleanses the skin, provides health supplements, tone up the skin texture & brighten up your skin. Makes your skin impurities free.
Action: Aryanveda Silver facial system helps the skin develop its healthiest form without destroying tissue cells.
NANO LPD revitalize the skin in its purest form. It increases the efficacy and decreases the unwanted side effects of the active ingredients.
Result: It stimulates blood circulation required for radiant skin. Skin looks soft, smooth and glowing.
How to Use
Treatment Protocol:
Therapist should briefly explain facial procedure that has been chosen by the customer.
Pre-facial Steps
Hand Sanitizing – Therapist should sanitize their hands properly.
Skin Consultation – Do the questioning to assess:
Skin type whether it is Oily, Combination or Normal.
Skin Condition to know whether it is dehydrated or Sensitive.
Skin Problems like Acne, Scars, Open Pores, fine lines, wrinkles etc.
Suggest the facial based on skin consultation.
Offer Client with Tea/Coffee.
Room Preparation – Prepare the room with all consumables needed during the facial like facial sponges, head bands, cotton, towels, arranging the facial bed and doing the room décor.
Offer client Attire to change (Facial gown) and jewellery box to keep their jewellery.
Aryanveda Facial Steps
Cleansing – Take Silver Cleanser massage on face for 5 – 6 min. Cleansing loosens your dead cells, removes dirt, makeup and cleanses the pores.
Scrub – Take Silver Scrub and apply scrub on the face. On forehead, second on left cheek and third on right cheek. Spread thoroughly. Gentle massage can be given 5 to 7 minutes.
Gel – Apply the Silver Gel in a bowl. Apply gel to client’s face and neck. Protect the eye area by placing enclosed eye rescue pads on the eyes & give 5 minutes Galvanic Machine for the deep cleansing by using Disincrustration method.
Massage Cream – Take, Silver Massage Cream apply the massage cream & do the massage for 6 to 10 minutes. Massage should last until fully absorbed into skin.
Mask – Take, Silver Mask apply on the skin like a masque and Leave it for 10 to 12 min and then remove using a mummy mask or wet cotton.
Protection Serum – Take Silver Serum, and apply it on the face and leave it on.
Aryanveda Facial can be taken once a week also. But once in 21 days is mandatory for the skin.
Post Facial Regime
Leave the client alone to change.
Escort the client to the reception.
Explain Home Care (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing & Sun Protection)
Keep follow-ups with the client by calling her next day, take a feedback about how her skin felt and plan the next session accordingly.
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