Aryanveda Fairness Skin Lightening Kit

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Aryanveda Fairness Skin Lightening Kit 510Gm
Fairness kit exclusively addresses the issue of skin’s darkness and offers a unique combination of traditional cure and contemporary inventions to combat extra melanin produced due to constant exposure to direct sunbeams or any hormonal changes.
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Skin is the most important part of human persona as it is your skin that gives your introduction.. It is an insignia of what you are from within. Fairness kit exclusively addresses the issue of skin’s darkness and offers a unique combination of traditional cure and contemporary inventions to combat extra melanin produced due to constant exposure to direct sunbeams or any hormonal changes. It lightens up your skin and helps retain its natural glow that shows nothing artificial about it.
USP: For control melanin & skin become fair.
Skin Types: All skin Type
Age: All Ages.
Duration: 1 hour
Products Required:
Eye & Lip Make-up Remover/Cleansing Milk.
Cleanser – Fairness Cleanser
Exfoliant – Fairness scrub (1/2 spatula)
Gel – Fairness Gel
Massage cream – Fairness Massage Cream
Mask – Fairness Face Mask
Serum – Fairness Serum
Benefits- It lightens & brightens up your skin tone & helps to retain its natural glow, control melanin production in melanocytes cells, remove dead cells, protects skin from further damage.
Action: Aryanveda fairness facial system stops the melanin production in melanocyte and reduces the amount of previous melanin.
NANO LPD helps strengthen the capillary walls, thereby improving microcirculation and reducing dark circles, skin redness (spider veins) and red blotches.
Result: It reduced the amount of melanin production & oxidation of melanin. It also protects the skin from further damaged.
How to Use
Treatment Protocol:
Therapist should briefly explain facial procedure that has been chosen by the customer.
Pre-facial Steps
Hand Sanitizing – Therapist should sanitize their hands properly with Clean hand anti Microbial hand wipes.
Skin Consultation – Do the questioning to access
Skin type whether it is Oily, Dry, Combination or Normal.
Skin Condition to know whether it is dehydrated or sensitive.
Skin Problems like Acne, Pigmentation, Scars, Open Pores, fine lines, wrinkles etc.
Suggest the facial based on skin consultation.
Offer Client with Tea/Coffee.
Room Preparation –Prepare the room with all consumables needed during the facial like facial sponges, head bands ,cotton, towels, arranging the facial bed and doing the room décor.
Offer client Attire to change (Facial gown) and jewellery box to keep their jewellery.
Aryanveda Facial Steps
Cleansing – Apply Fairness Cleanser (Step 1) massage on face for 5-6min using circular motions. Cleansing loosen your dead cells, removes dirt, makeup and cleanses the pores. Gently remove with cotton saturated in lukewarm water. Repeat rinsing to thoroughly remove any residue.
Exfoliation – It removes dead cells of the skin thus detoxifying it. Protect eyelids by placing Repechage Eye Rescue Pads Over eyes.
Take Fairness scrub , apply on the face and leave it for 5 min. gentle massage can be given for 2-3 min. Steam to be given if required. Remove the scrub completely after that.
Gel – Take Fairness Gel apply it on the face & give Ultrasonic Machine to penetrate the gel deeply.Massage Cream – Take Fairness Massage Cream (Step 4), apply on the skin and massage for 6-10 min. as per the time of the facial.
Mask – Take Fairness Mask, and apply like a masque. Leave it for 10 min. and remove completely. Digital pressure can be given on the face & shoulders with Lymphatic Drainage. Remove mask by gently lifting it from the neck and folding it over. Remove any residue with cotton saturated in warm water.
Serum – Apply in light strokes Fairness Serum (Step-6) to entire face and neck area.
Aryanveda Facial can be taken once a week also. But once in 21 days is Mandatory for the skin.
Post Facial Regime
Leave the client alone to change.
Escort the client to the reception.
Explain Home Care (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing & Sun Protection)
Keep follow-ups with the client by calling her next day, take a feedback about how her skin felt and plan the next session accordingly.
Watermelon seed is a good choice for use with oily/problem skin but can be effective with all skin types. Its viscosity, mild scent and long shelf life make it a good all-purpose carrier oil for use in aromatherapy, as well as a very good oil to add to baby oil formulations. Watermelon seed oil does not clog pores or prevent the body from naturally eliminating toxins through the skin.

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