Herbal Hair Loss Remedies by hair care herbal solutions to nourishes your hair by herbal products as biotique thyme conditioner, hair loss cream etc. Herbal hair loss remedies also adds volume to your hair.

Hair Fall is a normal process upto a certain extant. On an average 60 – 80 hair fall a day is normal, but more than that is abnormal and is a reason to worry. Approximately 45% of hair disorders are comes under this category. It can affect both Male and Female, but more presence in Males, in females thining of hair is it’s symbol Hair Loss can be differentiated in 5 major types such as :-

1) Androgenic Alopecia or Male-pattern baldness: Accounts for 95% of all hair loss

2) Alopecia Aerata: Hair falls out in clumps or patches

3) Alopecia totalis: Complete Baldness

4) Alopecia Universalis: Complete loss of all body hair

5) Anagen Effluvium: Chemotherapy caused poisoning of hair ollicle

Male Pattern Baldness: Androgenic alopecia, or male-pattern baldness (MPB) accounts for 95 % of all hair loss and starts when an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase in a hair follicle combines with testosterone. The enzyme changes testosterone into a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Male and Female pattern hair loss is due to the effect of DHT, among the people who are genetically linked with baldness. This is also the cause of hair loss in women.

The damaged hair roots are not necessarily dead, however, and may be induced to resume growth with proper stimulation and nutrition.

Reasons for Hair Loss:

Hair Loss may happen due to :-

1) Thyroid or Liver disease
2)Liver or Kidney failure
3) Anesthesia
5)Starting or stopping birth control pills
6)Very high fever
7)Severe Stress and Tension
9)Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism
10)Essential fatty acid deficiency
11)Zinc deficiency
12)Any condition that upsets the Hormone system of body
13)Protein deficiency (Common with vegetarian diets)
14)Loss of Appetite or Dieting
15)Too much intake of vitamin A
16)Local viral, fungal, or protozoan infection
17)Drug toxicity
18)Antimitotics – such as those used for cancer chemotherapy
19)Bromocriptine – used to stop lactation (Breast Milk)
20)High B.P. Medicines (Beta blockers / ACE inhibitors)
21)Appetite destroyer (Amphetamines)

Food Useful in controlling Hair Loss:

1) Brown riceOats
2) Sweet rice and mochi (pounded sweet rice)
3) Root vegetables, such as carrots, rutabagas, parsnips, ginger, turnips, and onions
4) Winter squash
5) Black beans
6) Pumpkin
7) Black pepper
8) Brown rice syrup
9) Microalgae
12)Whole grains
13)Nuts and seeds
 14)Leafy, green vegetables

Foods to Avoid during Hair Loss:

1) Cold foods and drinks
2) Sugary foods and drinks
3) Fatty foods
4) Animal protein
5) Excessive raw foods
6) Fruit, especially citrus
7) Tomatoes
8) Tofu
9)  Salt
10)Dairy products


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