Zandu Lalima

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Himani Lalima with Kesar, Vitami E and Haridra for a fair complexion and glowing skin.

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Zandu Lalima 200ML
Himani ‘Lalima’ Blood & Skin purifier has:
Kesar, Vitami E & Haridra : For a fair complexion and glowing skin.
Honey : Rejuvenates the skin.
Triphala : Improves blood circulation & provides nourishmnt to skin.
Anantamool, katuki, Manjistha : Pueifies the blood naturally.
Manjishtha, Guduchi : Clears acne, pimples.
Neem, Bhringaraj : Cures boils, blemishes & rashes.
Composition : Each 5ml (one teaspoonful) contains aqueous extracts of :
Triphala          150mg
keshar            1mg
Honey              0.1ml (W/V)
Bhringaraj       75mg
Nimba             75mg
Guduchi          75mg
Manjistha        75mg
Haridra            150mg
Anantamool    150mg
Dosage : 10ml (2 teaspoonful) twice a day.
Shake well before use. Store in a cool dry place.
Caution : If conditions persist, consult a doctor.

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