Woods Speciality Incense Sticks

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Woods Speciality Incense Sticks for natural fragrance.

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Woods Speciality Incense Sticks 20 Nos,WOSF
A wonderful blend of natural oils, resins with a subtle spicy hint of cinnamon, has been beautifully captured in this pack of Woods Agarbathies; a premium offering by Cycle Pure. The unique fragrance of Amber with a touch of Musk and Sandalwood with a refreshing note of Geranium transports you to a haven of harmony and bliss.
The sanctity and Aromachological benefits of these substances are cherished since time immemorial. The woody and herbaceous aroma of these incense sticks is an instant mood enhancer and stress reliever. This unique formulation of Woods with all its natural goodness, purifies your ambience and promotes tranquillity, peace and relaxation.
Length of the stick 9″
Type of bathi Masala Bathi
Burning Time 60 Minutes
Packing type Rectangular Packet
Fragrances Woody, Sandal, Resin, Masala, Amber, Cedar, Earthy

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