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VLCC Pedicure-Manicure Hand & Foot Kit

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VLCC Pedicure-Manicure Hand & Foot Kit


Quick Overview


Pedicure & Manicure cleanses, exfolites dull layers of dead skin on hands & feet and smoothens the skin .


It also helps to prevent nail disease and disorder.




This treatment maintains healthy nails, cuticles and supple skin on hands & feet.


How to use product


Method of Use:


Pediglow Foot Cleanser : Add entire sachet into a bucket of luke warm water.


Soak your feet for 15-20 minutes.


Rinse and wipe with a hot towel.


Myrrh Cuticle Oil : Take appropriate amount & massage on nails and fingers for 10-15 mins.


Push back and cut cuticles.


Pediglow Foot Scrub : Soak your feet in warm water for 5-10 minutes.


Remove dead skin using loofa/pumice stone.


Apply appropriate quantity of scrub and massage well for 5-10 minutes around the feet/hands.


Remove scrub with the water in the tub.


Cocoa Butter Foot Cream : Apply cream generously and massage well over your feet/hands for 10 minutes.


Wipe off with hot towel.

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