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Vicco Vajradanti Tooth Powder

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Vicco Vajradanti Tooth Powder This is nature’s perfect dental care programme.

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Vicco Vajradanti Tooth Powder : 200GM
To be stronger and mightier, your gums need a regular massage of Vicco Vajradanti powder. It strengthens your gums by allowing the ingredients from 18 rich herbs to percolate down the gum layers.
1. Ayurvedic formulation made from 18 potent rare herb extracts.
2. Helps naturally whiten teeth by removing dental plaque and tartar.
3. Antiseptic, astringent & natural dental therapy strengthens gums.
4. Medicinal tooth powder that removes food particles from cavities.
All Vicco products are Vegan and Halal certified.
Vajradanti Powder: While the paste removes food particles from the cavities and crevices of the teeth, the powder strengthens your


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