Vicco Narayani Cream 30g

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Vicco Narayani Cream

 - Backache, chest pain, muscular pains and itching

Qty : 30 gm

Ever thought of one product that remedies so many aches at one go? Viccos have done that, and are in the market with Narayani Cream a wonder cure for backache, chest pain, muscular pains and itching. Not only this, it will help you in getting rid of nasty cough, cold and headaches.

Narayani is totally Ayurved based. It contains variety of oils like Rai, Nilgiri, Devdaru, Chahapati, Rosha, Lavang, Dalchini and Pudina. The oils mixed with Kapur, Wintergreen, Peppermint phool, Ajwan phool lead to a combination that goes a long way into an excellent anti-inflammatory preparation. It becomes a multi-utility all cure product.

 As more and more people are opting for Ayurvedic Medicinal system, they will find Narayani Cream an useful ally in combating multifarious diseases, body disorders without worrying about side-effects.

Directions :
For external use only. Preparation should not go into the eyes. Keep away from children.

Storage :
Protect from direct sunlight.

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