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Tulsi Green 100 Gram Tin

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Tulsi Green 100 Gram Tin

A healthy and Refreshing tea for all tea lovers. This tea is made using a perfect blend of Tulsi herbs and Green Tea.

100% organic certified, this tea has become quite popular for every one. Not only this tea is healthy but also it has a distinctive taste of tulsi and green tea, which is not available in ordinary Green Teas.

Green tea and tulsi are rich in antioxidants. Consuming this tulsi green tea has numerous health benefits.

It eliminates toxins from the body, guards against cold and cough, helps in weight reduction, and builds immunity.

The wonderful combination of both tulsi herbs and green tea helps in refreshing and energizing the body and mind.erfect health drink, this is a must-buy if you really want to stay fit and healthy

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