Trichup Henna (Natural Hair colour for Hairs/Hands)

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Trichup Henna (Natural Hair colour for Hairs/Hands)

100 % Natrual Henna Powder
For black healthy shining hair

Trichup Henna contains natural ingredients that possess medicinal properties which are vital for hair conditioning. Henna prevents premature graying of hair and is used for hair nourishment, making the hair shiny and smooth. Henna plates and protects the hair shaft, while acting as a cooling agent for head. Regular use of Trichup Henna naturally conditions hair and gives strength and shite to the hair.

How to Use : Soak Trichup Henna for 4 to 6 hours to make a thick paste.
Apply the paste on hair.
Leave for 3 to 4 hours. Rinse off throughly with water.
You can also enhance the effects of the Henna paste by adding vinegar and/or lemon juice to it. This paste is beneficial for oily hair and also gives golden / copper highlights.

Presentation: Available in 100 gm sachet

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