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Royal Swag Herbal Clove cigarette (Pack Of 15)

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Royal Swag (Clove) Herbal cigarette gives the pleasure of light warm effect.

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Royal Swag Herbal Clove cigarette (Pack Of 15)

Introduce researched based herbal cigarettes under the brand “ROYAL SWAG”
ROYAL SWAG Herbal cigarette is formulated based on concept of “CharakSamhita”.
CharakSamhita is a book of Ayurveda, which is 5000 years old an ancient Indian system of medicine.
Royal Swag Herbal Smoke is used as a substitute for standard tobacco smoke.
In other word Royal Swag is a tobacco substitute cigarettes which helps to quit tobacco smoking.
Royal Swag Herbal cigarette is an innovative and research based non tobacco cigarette for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).

Clove is light pungent effect and it gives the pleasure of light warm effect.

Clove is for euphoric person


Mentha :

Clears nose, Throat, Bronchi and lung congestion.

Clove :

Decrease nicotine craving symptom and help to quit tobacco smoking.

Honey :

It acts as antioxidant.

Vasaka :

Very useful in asthma and also act as powerful expectorant.

Tulsi :

Cures Asthma, Cough, Cold and bronchitis.

Mulethi :

Beneficial in sore throat, bronchial irritation.

Khus :

Acts a antiseptic and also stimulates nervous system and relievees anxiety.

Package Dimensions

Length 90 mm
Width 28 mm
Height 28 mm

Weight 16 Grams


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