Sri Sri Ayurveda Phalasarpi

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Sri Sri Ayurveda Phalasarpi 100Gm
Phalasarpi is a medicated ghee indicated in Infertility of both men andwomen.
Also indicated in disorder of the vagina.
One of best medicines for Garbhasya rogas or Utrine disorders, Repeated abortions and Disorder of semen.
It is also indicated in Bala roga..
12 grams or as prescribed by the physician.
Many persons suffer from disorders related to the reproductive system while few are challenged with infertility.
Both these conditions may result in complications.
Few of the allopathic treatments may not be so fruitful because their ingredients consist of harmful elements.
This medication is used mainly for male and female infertility, uterine disorders and also as a tonic in first trimester of pregnancy.
Phalasarpi is a famous Ayurvedic medicine, in herbal ghee form.
It is used in treatment of infertility.
It contains 19 ingredients which is processed in milk and ghee.

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