Patanjali Madhuram Utsav

BuyPatanjali Madhuram Utsav Non toxic incense,Natural fragrance made from herbs.

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Patanjali Madhuram Utsav 24Gm
Ayurveda has considered fragrance produced from herbs as vital aspect in preventing infection and purifying the environment. “Madhuram” fragrances stimulate the saatvik mind-body consciousness (chetna) and generate the vital energy for you and your family’s health. Patanjali Ayurved brings to your “Madhuram” incense-sticks which are made from natural herbal ingredients.
Caring for the necessities of a house. It is considered that the natural fragrance that is released from the Ayurvedic herbs has a great significance in controlling diseases and purifies the environment. Hence this Agarbatti is made with natural herbs.

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