Patanjali Isabgol Husk

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Buy Patanjlai Isabgol husk it is Habitual or chronic constipation, irritable bowel disorder.

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Patanjali Isabgol Husk 100GM
Patanjali Isabgol Husk also called Psyllium is obtained from the seeds of Plantago ovata and is very high in dietary fibre. It reduces increased cholesterol level, helps in weight loss, prevents colon cancer formation, cures anal fissures and constipation and keeps the bowel healthy.
Induction : Chronic constipation, increased cholesterol level, Weight loss, Cures anal fissures, Constipation and keeps the bowel healthy.
Dosage/Suggested use: 5-10g twice a day according to need with a glass of water.milk and fruit juice or as directed by physician.


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