Patanajli Pachak Shodhit Harad

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Buy Patanajli Shodhit Harad Useful in indigestion, abdominal distension and constipation.

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Patanajli Pachak Shodhit Harad :- 100GM
Patanajli Pachak Shodhit Harad has the special discretionary powers that could give relief from various types of disorders and diseases in the abdomen. These cures for indigestion in the form of medicines also acts as a natural herb for constipation that could also remove the problem of abdominal distention as the tonic leans the whole abdominal system of the body


• Amlavet
• Ajvayan
• Peepal
• Extracts of Lemon
• Black Salt
• Rock Salt
• Black Pepper
• Vidnamak
• Haritaki
• Sonth
• Hing
Take 1-2 tablets twice or thrice every day.

Directions for use:

To get the best of benefits, it is advisable to take 1-2 tablets two to three times every day.


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