Organic India Tulsi Brahmi (25 Tea Bag)

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Organic India Tulsi BrahmiTulsi Brahmi- Stress Relieving & Memory Enhancing

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Organic India Tulsi Brahmi (25 Tea Bag)
Sharpen your memory by Organic India Tulsi Brahmi Tea to beat the competition in every sphere of life. This herbal tea is finest combination of Brahmi and Tulsi.
It promotes mental health by boosting memory, improving brain function and relieves stress. Know more benefits of Tulsi Brahmi Tea.
Good memory is very important to reach at your career goal and day to day life
Organic India brings for you very special Herbal tea Tulsi Brahmi enriched with the goodness of Brahmi and Tulsi to boost memory and intelligence level
It is also a stress relieving formula as combined with Tulsi.
Directions For Use
Tulsi Brahmi Tea is for all your family members from elder one to small one. Drink 2 cups of this memory booster daily, you will definitely experience the good results.
Drink Two Cups of Tulsi Brahmi Tea daily for the best results
Benefits of Tulsi Brahmi Tea
Memory Booster
Increases intelligence level
Stress Relieving Tea
Treats insomnia caused due to stress
Improves poor brain function
Reduces head trauma


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