Nutrilite Cal Mag D

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Nutrilite Cal Mag D Nutrilite Cal Mag D is the perfect combination of calcium, magnesium & vitamin D you need for strong bones, strong muscles & nerve activity.

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Nutrilite cal mag D: 90 Tablets

Nutrilite Cal mag D is the perfect combination of Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D that you need for strong bones, strong muscles and nerve activity. Together they not only enhance each other’s absorption and utilization in the body but also work in synergy to maintain good health, especially for the bones and teeth.

Product Description:

NUTRILITE cal mag D is foundation for strong, healthy bones.

Calcium is an essential mineral for body functions because it –
Builds and maintains healthy bones and teeth.
Regulates heartbeat.
Conducts nerve impulses.
Stimulates hormone secretion.
Helps in clotting of blood. Achieving recommended Calcium intake is very difficult for those consuming a vegan diet.

Magnesium plays an important role in regulating calcium levels in bones.

Vitamin D is an essential component in bone health. It helps ensure that the body absorbs and retains calcium, which is critical for building strong, healthy bones.

Plus, with Nutrilite Cal Mag-D, you get the added benefits of natural Phytonutrients from the exclusive, organically grown Nutrilite Alfalfa Concentrate.

Benefits of Nutrilite Cal Mag D:

1 Unique combination of Calcium, Vitamin D, and Magnesium that helps support bone mineral density.
2 Vitamin D is an essential component in bone health & is required for promoting calcium absorption from the gut
3 Together, calcium & magnesium enhance each others absorption and utilization in the body. They may help to strengthen bone and muscle structures.
4 Provides good calcium, magnesium ratio. Assists in achieving both calcium and magnesium requirement.
5 Exclusive Nutrilite Alfalfa Concentrate. Offers natural Phytonutrients that provide additional nutritional benefits.
6 Nutrilock coating. Preserves freshness, locks in nutrients until tablets are consumed & makes tablet easier to swallow.
7 No artificial sweetners, preservatives, colours or flavours added.

Restrictions: Not to be used by children under 12 years.

Instruction: Adults One tablet to be taken 3 times daily.


Nutrilite cal mag D is a great product for individuals who have:
1. Increased need for nutrients such as women, children, adolescents, elderly & pregnant women.
2. Lactose intolerance.
3. Inadequate dietary intake.

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