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Nivea Men Oil Control Face Wash

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Nivea Men Oil Control Face Wash Effectively reduces oiliness and controls acne causing bacteria up to 99% for clear skin.

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Nivea Men Oil Control Face Wash 100ML

NIVEA MEN Advanced Whitening Oil Control Face Wash, for oily skin, deeply cleanses skin and controls oiliness up to 12h. The effective formula repairs damaged, dull skin 10 times* better with Whitanat Vita Complex which contains 10 ingredients: Licorice Vitamin C Whitanat Vitamin E Pro Vitamin B5 Ginko Leaves Extract Ginseng Root Extract Glycerin Magnolia Bark Extract Glyceryl Glucoside Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. *in vitro test for Whitanat vs. Vitamin C HOW IT WORKS Deeply cleansed skin. Purified skin with elimination of up to 99% acne causing bacteria. Reduced oiliness up to 12h.

One solution for your 10 face wash needs
Cool fresh feeling on skin after application
Long lasting purified skin
Skin looks healthy and clean
Cleanses and removes excess oils and impurities deeply in pores. Reduces and prevents blackheads and whiteheads. Provides long lasting oil control effect. Prevents and reduces acne. Reduces acne causing bacteria. Unclogs & refines pores. Reduces dark spots due to dirt and brightens skin. Prevents skin to become dull. Smoothens and softens the skin.


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