Meryton Capsule

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Meryton Capsule (For Menstrual disorders)

*Uterine antispasmodic and analgesic

*Checks vaginal secretions

*Controls excessive uterine bleeding

*Regulates menstrual cycle

*Uterine Tonic

*Enhances chances of conception

Highest concentration of Ashoka & Lodhra (1200 mg each) ensures prompt response in uterine disorders, especially in Menorrhagia.

Ashoka in ayurveda is known as astambhak having antihaemorrhagic properties. Shatavari provides essential nutrients; Guduchi and Ashwagandha are analgesic besides immunostimulants. Meryton capsule provides patient convenience and quick response in host of menstrual disorders. Ashoka and Lodhra are also known to provide phyto-estrogen, making Meryton a drug of choice in non-specific female infertility cases.

Indications: Uterine Tonic

Mode of Application: 1 to 2 capsules 3 times a day or as directed by the physician

Presentation: Blister Pack of 10 x10 capsules

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