Medimix Soap With Sandal and Eladi Oils 125gm

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Medimix Soap With Sandal and Eladi Oils

 - Effective for skin blemishes

Qty : 75gm

Introducing New Medimix with Sandal and Eladi oils, effective for skin blemishes.

Contains a unique combination of Sandal oil and the time tested Ayurvedic formulation of Eladi oil.

Works effectively on blemishes, dark spots and other pigmentation marks leaving you with clear, blemish-free skin.

This unique combination of ingredients also helps keep your skin fresh and glowing.

Luxurious sandal bar with rich fragrance and lather. Traditionally hand made.

Ingredients of Medimix Soap with sandal and Eladi Oils

    * Sandal Oil        
    * Eladi Oil
    * Ela – Anti-microbial, aromatic  
    * Sthulailaa, Bhadrailaa – Anti-dermatophytic, anti-inflammatory  
    * Sallaki – Antiseptic, useful in preventing itching  
    * Priyangu, Phalini – Deodorant, skin diseases   
    * Jatamaansi – Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial,useful in skin diseases  
    * Vaalakkam, Hriberam, Haravira – Anti-bacterial, deodorant, cooling properties  
    * Sathi, Karchurah – Relieves skin irritation  
    * Tamalapatram – Dalchini is a anti-bacterial,anti-fungal  
    * Pachila, Tamalaka – Fungi toxic, effective against dermatophytes  
    * Thagarah – Analgesic  
    * Jaati, Jaatiphalah – Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial  
    * Bolah, Rasagandha – Anti-bacterial  
    * Khadirah – Cures itching, skin diseases, anti-oxidant & anti aging properties  
    * Devadaaru – Deodar is anti-oxidant, analgesic, anti-microbial, useful in skin diseases  
    * Aguruh – Anti-bacterial  
    * Saralah – Liniment in minor aches  
    * Chandaa – Useful in skin diseases  
    * Guggulu – Useful in skin diseases, antiseptic  
    * Salah, Ashvakarnah – Useful in skin diseases  
    * Sunaka – Useful in skin diseases  
    * Mayurashikha – Antiseptic  
    * Punnaagah – Useful in skin problems, improves complexion  
    * Nagakesara – Useful in skin problems  
    * Kusta – Antiseptic  
    * Haridra – Turmeric is Curative in skin diseases, anti-bacterial, anti-acne, wound healing   
    * Naarikelah – Coconut is emollient

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