Herbal Hair Tonic(100ML)

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Herbal Hair Tonic – non-oily quick silk

Qty : 100ml

Hair Type: Suitable for all types of hair.

Age: All Ages.

Result: Smooth and Silky hair.

Key Ingredients: Amla extract, Triphala, Brahmi extract, Jatamansi extract, Bael Giri extract, Bhringraj extract, Rosemary oil, Hops extract, Birch extract & Shikakai extract.

Benefits: Nourishes the hair and controls scalp disorders.

Aryanveda Herbal Hair Tonic primes the hair cycle and favours hair growth by stimulating cell activity in the hair bulb and by reactivating micro-circulation. Rosemary oil & Brahmi extract prevents dandruff. Amla retards aging process and prevents hair loss. Hops extract & Birch extract is anti-alopecia. Jatamansi prevents brittle hair and split ends.

How To Use:
Take appropriate amount and massage on hair & scalp with fingers so that it reaches the roots of hair.

Should be used at least twice in a week. Wash it off with Aryanveda Shampoo.

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