Happy Time Body Lotion

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Happy Time Body Lotion


Enrich your skin and ensure you are left with a velvety smooth final finish so every time your partner feels the softness, romance will fill the air around you’ll.


Spark the fun with the nutritive Nivea Happy Time Lotion and you will never have to suffer from dry patches and rough skin henceforth.


Ideal for men and women, this lotion will nourish your skin and keep your body looking flawless always.


The lotion suits normal skin perfectly and you will see transformation as the creamy composition softens your skin and leaves back suppleness all day long.


With the rich infusion of glycerin, this lotion will protect your skin from all factors that will harm the natural balance of your skin.


The lotion has been dermatologically tested to suit your skin and deeply comfort it so you can always be free from dryness in your skin.


The bamboo milk and milk protein inclusion of this lotion keeps your body covered in a rich silk blanket that will make your body look beautiful always.


This lotion is both natural and organic and you do not have to worry about skin damage.

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