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Godrej Nupur Mehendi 120GM

 - 100% Natural hair color

Godrej Nupur Mehendi is a 100% natural Rajasthani Mehendi which has a unique blend which offers natural colouring of hair along with the natural goodness of Amla, Brahmi and Bhringraj to keep it healthy and beautiful. Amla helps darken the hair and promotes hair growth. Brahmi too, promotes hair growth while Bhringraj makes the hair black and luxurious.

Godrej Nupur Mehendi can be used on hair as well as on hands.

Indian henna has been found to be the best for mehndi, particularly Rajasthani mehendi, which is renowned all over the world for its fine quality. In fact Nupur mehendi from the house of Godrej is sourced from Sojat in Rajasthan which produces the highest quality mehendi, even among the various varieties of Rajasthani mehendi. In order to ensure the highest quality, it is obtained directly from farmers, rather than any middle men. It is used both as a hair colour as well as for applying on hands.

Henna has been used safely for 5000+ years. It is one of the oldest cosmetics ever used and is extremely safe even for children. Owing to strict adherence to quality standards, Nupur Mehendi by Godrej is 100% safe and natural.

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