Fair and Lovely Ayurvedic Cream, 50g




Fair and Lovely Ayurvedic Cream, 50g
Discover the goodness of Kumkumadi Tailam – a 5000-year old blend of 16 ancient ingredients, in the Fair and Lovely Ayurvedic. Go ahead. Experience the results of a naturally radiant skin for yourself.

Ingredients of Fair  Lovely
The Kumkumadi Tailam has often been referred to as a woman’s beauty secret in the ancient texts. This ancient Indian recipe is a blend of the following 16 precious Ayurvedic ingredients.

    * Nilotpala & Patanga – Soothe & relax your skin cells and give it a serene look.
    * Chandan & Ushira – Reduce your skin irritations and give it a cool sensation.
    * Manjista & Kumkuma – Work on your skin internally and reduce any freckles & discoloration.
    * Laksa & Kumkuma (Kalkam) – Improve your skin’s texture while highlighting its complexion, naturally.
    * Padmakesara & Padmaka – Act as an astringent and give an even-tone to your skin.
    * Yashtimadhu & Kumkuma (Kalkam) – Make your skin glow and give it an easily visible radiance.
    * Ajakshira & Ksheera – Condition your skin and give it a soft, moisturized feel.
    * Laksa (Kalkam) & Nyagrodhapada – Smoothen your skin and make it clear & flawless.
    * Lodhra – Lightens your skin’s colour and reduces irritations.

What does Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic do?
Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic with Kumkumadi Tailam rejuvenates your skin giving you never before glowing fair skin. What’s more, it has Jastbhasma, an Ayurvedic Sunscreen known to protect skin form the sun’s darkening and damaging UV rays.  
How is Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic different from other ‘herbal’ creams?
Unlike ordinary herbal creams that claim to work through natural ingredients, the New Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic actually delivers fairness through pure and proven Ayurvedic ingredients. In other words, it has ZERO synthetic fairness actives.

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