Divya Naagkesar Churna

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Buy Divya Nagkesar Churna it is bst for Bleeding Disorders such as Menorrhagia, Piles, Metorrhagia, Epistaxis.

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Divya Naagkesar Churna: 100GM
Divya Nagkesar Churna is best for Women. Divya Nagkesar Churna is mostly used in Bleeding Disorders such as Menorrhagia, Piles, Metorrhagia, Epistaxis.
Benefits of Divya Naagkesar Churna :
Divya Naagkesar Churna Used in all kinds of bleeding disorders including Menstrual bleeding as well as bleeding piles.
Menorrhagia is termed as excessive bleeding during menses, Nagkesar cures it acts as a aphrodisiac and as a haemostatic, its main action is on the blood capillaries, due to its kashaya ras (astringent ) and sheet virya ( cool nature ). It helps in controlling the excessive bleeding.

  • Piles (Arsh) are vascular structures in the anal canal which gets swollen and inflamed and the patient feels difficult to defecate with continuous throbbing (pin pricking ) pain along with bleeding stools, Nagkesar reduces the Swelling and Shrinks the Piles, Eradicating the Pain and Stops the Bleeding.
    Divya Naagkesar Churna Dosage:
    1-2 to 1 grams twice or thrice a day empty stomach with lukewarm water or as directed by the physician. 


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