Divya Drishti Eye Drops

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Buy Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop is useful in various eye problems, cataract and general eye disorders.

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Divya Drishti Eye Drops 10Ml

Divya Drishti / Netra Jyoti Eye Drops by Swami Ramdev is herbal eye drop. It can be used for any type of eye problem like cataract and glaucoma. Drishti eye drop is helps relieving stress full eye which are affected by working in front of computer for long time, old age people. It is beneficial for people who use lens and spectacles. It is a best herbal lubricating eye drops. Gives best results if used continuously.

Mode of administration and dosage
Put one drop in each eye twice a day.
(For External use only)
Qty: 15ml

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