Dabur Gulabari Rose Water

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Dabur Gulabari Rose Water

- Fresh soft skin that glows like a Rose

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The benefits of Rose was first introduced in a beauty product by Dabur India in the form of Dabur Gulabari Rose Water. Dabur Gulabari encapsulates the essence of roses and derives its equity from ‘Rose’. Its benefit on the skin care usage is reflected in the brand proposition — “Gulabi chehre ka raaz. Pani Nahin, Dabur Gulabari.”… Replace water with Dabur Gulabari in your daily skin care regimen to get a rose-like glow.

Dabur Gulabari is the goodness of rose water that is used as a natural skin toner and moisturiser. Few drops of Gulabari mixed with water acts as a cleanser, toner and for rejuvenating your skin. Gulabari is also used in face packs to make a natural conditioner for dry and sensitive skin.

Dabur Gulabari’s benefits for skin care are endless. You can replace water with Dabur Gulabari in your skin care regimen, because

    * It cleanses
    * It moisturizes your skin, and is good for sensitive skin
    * It is a natural skin toner
    * It refreshes and cools
    * It rejuvenates after a stressful day

No other brand today owns the Rose Proposition, offering Dabur Gulabari the first mover advantage in this segment.

Complete Skin Care

Your skin may not go very deep, but it’s the lagest part of your body. Making almost 16% of the body weight and protecting everything that’s within. Everyone’s skin differs in texture. colour and feel. And each person needs to take care accordingly. So know all about your skin and its special needs.

Know your Skin Type

Normal Skin
Fine in texture, smooth, soft and supple. No blackheads or spots.

Maintain softness with light cleansers, lotions and tonics.
Use daily fresheners such as Rose Water.
Nourish with masks of Aloe Vera, egg, plain yogurt and honey along with moisturizers.

Oily Skin
Thick, coarse, shiny with large pores. Frequent blackheads and spots due to clogging and over-excretion of oil. Slow ageing and less wrinkles.

Needs plenty of moisture
Very little oil, except on the throat, lips and around the eyes.
Use astringents, face packs, tonics and treatments to restore acid balance
To cleanse and moisturise, use home made face pack of honey and Aloe Vera along with Rose Water.

Combination Skin
Mix of normal or dry and oily skin. Oily areas usually across the forehead and down the nose to the chin, forming a T shape, called the T-Zone.
Do a combination of two programes – oily and normal or oily and dry.

Dry Skin
Thin and fine textured, tending to form wrinkles. If neglected, the skin flakes and feels tight and uncomfortable. Hot packs and steams should be avoided since this skin type is prone to broken veins.

Tone with natural toners like Rose Water and diluted Cider Vinegar.
Can be nourished by face masks of egg yolk, Aloe Vera and honey.
Make moisturising hand and body lotion with a combination of glycerin and Rose water to keep skin supple and fresh, especially in the harsh winter months.

Sensitive Skin
Any of the other types, depending on response to external factors such as weather conditions, allergies towards chemicals etc.

Use natural toners like Rose Water and Aloe Vera.
To nourish and keeps fresh, use honey based facemasks.

Everyday Care
Your skin shows how you live. So live naturally, and with care, to maintain your soft and glowing skin.

    * Fill your diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
    * Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water in a day
    * Get your beauty sleep of at least 6-8 hours every night
    * Tone up with a regular routine of exercise
    * Protect your skin and stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day
    * Use a good sun block if you must go out in the sun
    * Use plenty of moisturizer if you are a sports or outdoors person
    * Cultivate a positive attitude within, to look positive on the outside
    * Take care to use only natural skin care products such as a Rose Water

Dabur Gulabari Skin Routine

Follow a regular skin care routine with easy-to-do steps, using natural ingredients.

Skin Cleansing

    * Cleanse at least twice a day if you work in a dusty environment or have oily skin
    * Cleanse once if your skin is normal or dry
    * Evening is the best time, to rid the skin of all the accumulated grime and oil

Skin Toning

    * Tone to refine your skin texture
    * Use daily toner to get rid of grease that clogs the pores and causes unwanted blackheads

Skin Moisturising

    * Maintain moisture balance with the right use of water and oil in the right way.
    * Water evaporates more than getting absorbed if it is just splashed on the skin
    * Use additional agent to hold it to the skin till completely absorbed

Skin Masks

    * Masks help cleanse, tone, moisturise, exfoliate, refine, heal and nourish your skin
    * Fun to make at home with natural ingredients
    * Easy to use, leaving your skin feeling and looking younger


    * Bathing is a healing, hydrating, relaxing, beautifying and sensual experience
    * Tune it up with herbs and massages to fight stress and get a fresh and relaxed feeling.

Dabur Gulabari  Skin Care Tips

    * Cleanse your face with Dabur New Gulabari Rose Water to tighten the pores and leave your skin clear and radiant.
    * Make your skin glow even in the harsh winter season. Mix Dabur New Gulabari Rose Water with glycerine and honey to make a simple home made moisturiser.
    * Keep looking fresh as sunrise by hydrating your face with rose water. Do it frequently throughout the day, even over makeup, using a spray bottle.
    * Start your day with the freshness and fragrance of roses. Just add some Dabur New Gulabari Rose Water to your morning bath water and enjoy the soothing effect all day long.
    * Your skin is a very sensitive organ. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and when you are out in harsh light, make sure you protect your face well.
    * To avoid dry skin in winter, place a humidifier or simply bowls of water all around your home. That’s a cheap and easy way to put moisture back into your environment.

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