Vaadi Deep-moisturising Chocolate Massage Cream

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Buy Vaadi Deep-moisturising Chocolate Massage Cream Massage with firm circular upward and outward movement till it gets completely absorbed in the skin.

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Vaadi Deep-moisturising Chocolate Massage Cream

Vaadi Herbals offers you their finest ranges of massaging creams.

The massaging cream has been made by using chocolate and strawberry extracts.

A luxuriant massage cream, with mineral rich ingredients like cocoa, strawberry & wheat germ oil, it moisturizes the deeper layers of the skin,rendering a supple and glowing complexion.

It even rejuvenates the skin to make it visibly youthful and radiant.

The cream has been specially made keeping the Indian skin in mind and helps clean and smoothen the skin properly.

Weight : 50 gm

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