Aryanveda Tea Tree Body Wash Natural Skin Cleanser 120ml

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Aryanveda – Tea Tree Body Wash – Natural Skin Cleanser

Qty : 100 ml

USP : Active against all micro organisms (bacteria, fungi & viruses)

Key Ingredients : Tea Tree oil, Neem oil & Hibiscus extract.

Skin type : Suitable for all skin types

Age : All ages

Benefit : Deeply cleanses skin of its impurities and protects from skin infections.

Action :
The intrinsic anti microbial activity and deep penetrating power of Tea Tree oil and Neem oil effectively cleanses the body of all impurities and micro organisms. Hibiscus is a natural anti-inflammatory agent & moisturizer.

How to use :
Take optimum amount of body wash and gently apply it all over your body to make the skin more radiant and translucent.

Result :
It makes the body free from the dullness of excess dead cells making your skin look brighter and more translucent.

Recommendations :
To be used everyday for bathing instead of soap. Apply Aryanveda Moisturizer after bathing to get soft & supple skin.

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